Welcome to the 2019 Grinspoon, Garvey and Young Conference! We’re excited to have you here. Some important info to help you get started:

This year we are offering four session tracks based on interest and level of entrepreneurial experience.
  • DABBLE (RED TRACK) - New to entrepreneurship. Want to pick up some instantly usable skills and info.
  • DIVE IN (GREEN TRACK) - Some background in entrepreneurship and looking to get serious.
  • LAUNCH (BLUE TRACK) - Have a venture. Want to scale, find collaborators or specialized expertise.
  • GENERAL (YELLOW TRACK) - These sessions are appropriate for any level of experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Session attendance is first come, first served. Selecting a session in the SCHED app does not guarantee you a seat.

Questions or problems? The Troubleshooting Table is located next to the Registration Table.

Enjoy the conference!

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Lerato Mashale

Politics and Entreprenuership Organization & Society
Ya Samaki: Expanding the Green Fashion Footprint
Over the summer I founded a startup called Ya Samaki, a company that specializes in the production of products made from fish leather. Fish leather is an alternative sustainable solution to the leather industry and has been explored in countries like Kenya and Australia. In this presentation, I will discuss what fish leather is and how my classroom experience at Mount Holyoke prepared me for this experience. In addition I will present the key takeaways and the endless opportunities made possible through entrepreneurship.

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